Scrap Sorting

Sorting your scrap metal materials is the best way to add new value to the pile of scrap you’ve gathered. We can sort your scrap quickly before brokering, and that means more money for your metals.

Scrap Brokering

Selling your scrap for a fair price can be difficult without the right connections. With the strong relationships we’ve built over the years, you’ll get the best, fairest price available.

When all is said and done, you’ll not only get rid of your scrap problem, but you’ll receive the fairest value we can offer for your materials.

Collection Services

From roll-off boxes to closed van trailers, we provide the best equipment and most reliable pick-up service around so you can keep your job site clean and scrap free.

Scrap Assessment

Unsure of how much or what type of scrap you’re generating? A scrap assessment can identify what you have and how to deal with it.


Materials We Buy


Rocks and Minerals



Plate & structural (P&S)

Heavy melt steel (HMS)

Rail & OTM

Cast iron (all grades)

Heavy cast machinery

Sheet iron & appliances

Motor blocks

Demolition scrap

Tool steel


Copper/Brass (all grades)

Aluminum (all grades)

Stainless steel

Insulated Wire – copper, aluminum, lead

Lead (all grades)

Electric motors

High-temperature alloys

Zinc (all grades)

Titanium (all grades)

Nickel (all grades)

Catalytic converters